More-than-human care in and of (un)certain homes

As part of the TANDEM project « Home Beyond Species », Petr Gibas, Chloé Mondémé, Julien Wacquez and Ange Pottin organized and animated a two-session panel in the 2023 conference of the International Society of Ethnology and Folklore (SIEF) « Living Uncertainty » that took place in Brno between June 7th and June 10th 2023.

The argument of the panel was the following : Continuer la lecture de More-than-human care in and of (un)certain homes

War in Ukraine and Exile

A review by Pierre Maunaury-Lecerf, intern at CEFRES

A conference organized by Ronan Hervouet, Ekaterina Pierson-Lyzhina, Tatyana Shukan within the research project BIELEXIL.

The full-scale invasion of Ukraine by the Russian army provoked an unprecedented exodus of millions of Ukrainians, as well as more limited migration flows from Russia and Belarus. Whereas none of these are entirely new phenomena, the conflict is much intensifying already existing flows. On May 24th and 25th, the CEFRES hosted a scientific workshop dedicated to the study of exile in this new context. Coming from various research projects, academic backgrounds and research fields, participants aimed at connecting their first fieldworks, results and hypotheses after one year of research following February 24th 2022. Continuer la lecture de War in Ukraine and Exile

Reflections on the International Conference  ‘Samuel Beckett in Central Europe: Staging and Reception Beyond Censorship’

Review written by Astrid Greve Kristensen (PhD student, CEFRES)

This two-day international conference was held in Prague on April 20-21st, first at the CEFRES library, then at the Faculty of Letters, and brought together Beckett scholars of various disciplines and stages of research; theatre scholars, stage directors, actors, writers and performers, as well as other participants with different approaches to the world of theatre in the 20th and 21st centuries. The conference consisted of an opening speech, an introductory roundtable discussion, a keynote speech and a total of three panels. Instead of compiling a list commenting on each intervention, this review teases out some of the essential aspects that this conference has brought to Beckett scholarship. First and foremost, one feels compelled to congratulate the two organisers, Alice Clabaut and Charles Guillorit on a successful and well-executed conference. Based on the observations of this reviewer as well as testimonies from the many participants, the level of satisfaction among those present (and online) can only be said to have been high. Continuer la lecture de Reflections on the International Conference  ‘Samuel Beckett in Central Europe: Staging and Reception Beyond Censorship’