Hunting the pigs of the new world/wild

Lecture by Paul. G Keil (Institute of Ethnology/CEFRES)

On the 3rd of June, Paul G. Keil, posdoctoral fellow of the Institute of Ethnology of the Czech Academy of Sciences and associate researcher at Cefres (member of TANDEM program “Bewildering Boar) gave a lecture entitled « Piggers, pigdogs, and other pig-relations: a study of Australian hunting cultures at the feral pig–human interface ».

Paul G. Keil is a researcher in social anthropology. His PhD thesis, defended in 2017 at the Macquarie University of Sydney, devoted to the relations between humans and elephants in a village of Northeast India. His research addresses the socio-ecological implications of the interactions between humans and non-humans beings. Currently it focuses on the practices of hunting feral pigs with dogs in Australia.

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