Polish Diaspora in France 1918–2018

Polish Diaspora in France 1918-2018. State of the Art and New Perspectives (Warsaw, 27–28 February 2018)

Compte rendu par Florence Vychytil-Baudoux

A scientific conference dedicated to the Polish “diaspora” in France was held in Warsaw on February 27th and 28th, 2018. It was organised by the Centre de Civilisation Française et d’Etudes Francophones (OKF, University of Warsaw), in collaboration with the Centre of Migration Research (University of Warsaw) and the Centre de Civilisation Polonaise (CCP – Paris-Sorbonne University). A tribute to historian Janine Ponty (1930-2017), a pioneer historian on interwar Polish migrants in France, the conference stemmed from the desire to bring together researchers so to review the current state of knowledge, sketch out research perspectives and launch a research network on the topic of Poles in France. Continuer la lecture de Polish Diaspora in France 1918–2018