“Adolf Loos Season” au Royal Institute of British Architects à Londres

RIBA et Villa Mueller, PragueLe Musée de la Ville de Prague organise une conférence de presse à l’occasion de la reprise de l’exposition “Adolf Loos – son œuvre en pays tchèques” au Royal Institute of British Architects à Londres (RIBA ), du 24 février au 3 mai 2011 cf. sous le titre “Adolf Loos Season”

Conférence de presse : le mercredi 2 mars 2011 à 14h. Villa Müller (Nad Hradnim vodojemem 14/642 – Prague 6).

L’exposition est organisée par le Musée de la Ville de Prague en collaboration avec le Royal Institute of British Architects (London), le Centre tchèque et le Forum culturel autrichien à Londres.

L’exposition de Prague sera complétée des documents concernant Adolf Loos conservés dans les collections du RIBA et une section spéciale sera consacrée au réaménagement de la Villa Müller de Prague.

Voyez aussi : www.muzeumprahy.cz

Peter Davis: “Ecomuseums and Sense of Place”

The French Institute for Research in Social Sciences (CEFRES), the British Council Czech Republic and Brontosauří ekocentrum Zelený klub invite you to the lecture delivered by

Professor of Museology, University of Newcastle (G.B.),
participating in the International symposium Kulturne_historicke_dedictvi_a_urdrzitelny_rozvoj_pedf_2011, 24th – 26th March 2011, Faculty of Education, Charles University, Prague.

Ecomuseums and Sense of Place

March 24, 2011 at 5.00 p.m.
CEFRES, Štěpánská 35, Prague 1, 5th floor,

One important reaction to globalization in the 21st century has been the democratization of culture and heritage. We have witnessed how local communities have increasingly attempted to take responsibility for their heritage resources and use them to create a sense of community while at the same time encouraging sustainable economic development through ecotourism and cultural tourism. In these community-heritage-sustainability interactions ecomuseum philosophy and the associated practical processes have frequently been used to assist local residents to define, validate and celebrate local distinctiveness and local identity. Peter Davis will introduce the ecomuseum and the principles under which they work, utilising examples from around the world as well as particular case study from the North Pennines.

PETER DAVIS’s selected publications
– Ecomuseums: a sense of place. Leicester: Leicester University Press, 1999.
– Ecomuseum approaches to the preservation of industrial heritage in the North Pennines, England, Art & Fact (Liege), 2003, 22, 57-60.
– Place exploration: museums, identity, community. In Watson, S. ed. Museums and their Communities. London and New York: Routledge, 2007, 53-75.